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DMSC GovChal sees TED as a best-practice resource for both products and processes for knowledge sharing.


The video archive is a motherlode of compelling speakers with innovative ideas whose time has come.


TEDxNashville was an  offshoot of TSU's Engaged Technology project.


See a home-grown knowledge party at www.tedxnashville.com .


For TEDxYouth@GreaterNashville go HERE!


We are also working with U.Va. and Virginia Tech reps to build out their own local TEDx events in Charlottesville and Blacksburg.


To frame all of this, Mayor Karl Dean will announce our TEDxYouth@GreaterNashville project at Tennessee State University's Service Day (8.27.2010): TEDxYouth@GreaterNashville (November 20, 2010, supporting the creation and integration of local events on that day to advance networking education. 


Bob Bradley (DMSC/TNCC), Tod Fetherling (CEO/President of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce Technology Council) and Brad Gioia (Headmaster, Montgomery Bell Academy (Nashville) convened planning meeting at MBA July 15th. 


Second meeting: July 21. Third meeting: August 5.


Basic overview of plans will be published here and built out by network.


In the interim, please see the following resources:


TEDxYouthDay, see http://www.ted.com/pages/view/id/418 


Overview from May 20, 2010 message on TEDxY Google group.


TEDxYouthDay, see Facebook page.


For TEDx resources, see email below from Tahnee at TEDx HQ:


Hi Bob, Just thought I'd highlight a couple of links that I think would be useful as TEDx educational resources (these were all found on the TEDxClassroomProject blog at http://www.tedxproject.wordpress.com  - also another interesting initiative)


Teaching with TED wiki (http://teachingwithted.pbworks.com/): Amazing resource created by Jackie Gertstein, Ed. D. (@jackiegertsetin on Twitter).


TED [dot] COM course (http://ted2009.umwblogs.org/about/syllabus/): Based on the collective efforts of “TED.com-Ideas Worth Sharing,” a First Year Seminar consisting of 28 students and two faculty members at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA


 The TEDxTerry Talks (http://www.terry.ubc.ca/terrytalks/): Every year, “TEDxTerry talks” is held on campus, where students are given a high profile platform to communicate their passions and desires to an audience of their University of British Columbia peers. It essentially borrows a template from a well-established conference known as the TED conference, and modifies it for delivery within the UBC setting.


TEDxMcGill (http://www.tedxmcgill.com/): Last year the event made a commitment to have at least 50% of their talks be given by students at the undergraduate and graduate level. They were so incredibly surprised and impressed by the response by their student applicants, that they had more than 50% of the talks given by students.


TEDxProject.Blogspot (http://tedxproject.blogspot.com/): Canadian teacher, Rich Farm, and his 10th graders have started their own “TEDxProject” now, too (based on our project). They’ll eventually analyze 224 TED Talks in 8 weeks, as described in their TEDxProject class wiki.


Hope this helps! Best of luck with all your TEDx events! -Tahnee 

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