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DMSC Virtual Institute WIKI: 


Newest innovation: Flipping the class TED-EDstyle with student-generated content: CLICK HERE.



     1. What's New/Community Calendar

     2. Governors Challenge!!

     3. Collaborative Engagement Networks

     4. Partners and Affiliates

     5. TBR eLearning Social Design

     6. TSU Virtual Institutes 1-5, Fall, 2011



WELCOME to the DMSC Virtual Institute, a WIKI-modeled online resource and virtual workspace for Governor’s Challenge competitors, judges, and independent scholars or artists looking to engage a new audience or market their assets. By using this WIKI, an open source operating system, you will have the opportunity to upload, edit and collaborate on projects, network with a larger intellectual and creative community, and publish or broadcast your multi media assets. Our goal is to create a governing non-profit (DMSC) and a for-profit venture, "Governors Challenge," that will establish a 50-state model of k-12 and college-level competitive scholarship, undergirded by an intercollegiate network based on the design of the 300 athletic conferences that make up the NCAA non-profit organization. 


GovChal participants will find all of the guidelines and tools to register for the competition, submit multi media entries, and evaluate current submissions here. All members will have access to our online Virtual Library (in development), an asset repository archiving all finished work submitted to DMSC. Though DMSC initially intends to govern this workspace by providing infrastructure and opportunities for online users, we encourage members of the community to think critically about what we are offering, and to provide alternative suggestions or new ideas that may enhance our Virtual Institute. Ultimately, we hope this may become a virtual workspace governed by its own community.


Our guided system of knowledge sharing looks to the open-source philosophy of groups like the Sakai Foundation http://sakaiproject.org/ and the Red Hat Community http://www.redhat.com/videos/community/ as models for growth: DMSC seeks to cultivate a community of open source content, as Sakai cultivates an open source forum for designing learning platforms. DMSC also seeks to market services and products to the growing community. For more information on Digital Media Sandbox Consortium, please visit our website .


And watch what Creative Commons has to say here.










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